MVI utilizes multiple forms of media and Performing Arts for of the media intervention is storytelling, which means the transformation of the information gathered in the multi-level research into the proper medium, format, local communication style and idiom.

La elefanta In Tamil and Sinhala)

Docu-drama on risks of adolescents

produced together with the RIAGG Maastricht,

Centre Public Mental Health and the GGD Zuidelijk Zuid-Limburg

Download the audio (Link)

Tuition classes got adolescents affected by the Tsunami

Together with Plan Internationañ

Download the video (Link)

Radio talk shows and other community radio formats on health issues have proven very effective in mobilizing a cohesive public response. Advertisements as well as critical articles facilitate the discussion and dissemination of information in the community.

From this perspective La Colifata uses radio as both therapy and to fight stigma.  The Colifata is a non-governmental organization that develops research and provides mental health therapy through radio. It is commonly known as LT 22, the radio of the patients and ex-patients from the Hospital Borda in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the first community radio in the world to broadcast from a neuropsychiatric hospital, although the example is now being followed by similar experiences in Mexico, Brazil and France. A CD of the project may be downloaded at http://www.vivalacolifata.