Media and Social Solutions for the Mind and Human Resilience

While today ‘the future depends on the minds not the backs of people” the human mind is perhaps under the greatest pressure since modern history began. This is mirrored in high prevalence rates for mental health problem, human suffering, delayed economic development and the loss of productive lives. The scope is vast; the causes are many and fall outside the reach of traditional medical and institutional approaches. A growing evidence demonstrates that the arts, social and media broadcast can meaningfully influence people’s lives and have a powerful impact on improving the mental health, quality of life, the wellbeing of children and adults and their communities.

Accordingly, MVI combines mental and social science with media and entertainment know-how in co-producing with local communities and institutions media products that entertain, confront and inform with the goal of increasing human and social resilience in the context of normal daily life and when disaster strikes.

MVI employs the full arsenal of media; TV/radio, film, print, web, performing arts and entertainment media, in seeking shared solutions.  MVI’s products and services are media based social and psychological interventions tailored to local needs and circumstances, anchored in scientific data and local knowledge.

MVI’s method of work is to use a broad based alliance of disciplines and local experience to co-produce and inform its products or research. MVI staff and partners have years of experience in research, health care and the application of entertaining, engaging and interactive mixed media formats in a global sample of environments.  MVI, in consultation or in product development, works with local populations, directly and preventatively to improve the psychosocial environment and the resilience of people.