“The future depends on the minds not the backs of people”

Mind Venture International, MVI, is a non profit organization based in The Netherlands, working globally in applying media-facilitated communication in the service of improving mental and social resilience of people and societies. It aims to forge positive change at the grass roots and institutional level.

MVI is (co)-creating diverse media (film, radio, print) to connect, heal and inform. It specializes in using the art of storytelling in addressing diverse psycho-social issues. MVI also facilitates and trains NGO’s, universities and institutions in the use of media for the common good.

MVI has produced:
in Africa – several documentaries on parenting, disability and the survival skills of street children. And MVI also organized workshops for several local African NGO’s on the use of media and storytelling as a tool for psycho-social change.
In the Netherlands – several drama series focused on managing psycho-social and complex mental health issues in low socio-economic neighborhoods. The series were developed with the participation of the local communities they were aimed at.
In Colombia – in cooperation with the Javeriana University in Bogota MVI developed several media projects (film, radio, print) dealing with the peace and reconciliation process after a 50 year civil war. It also gave masterclasses in the art of storytelling as a tool in social change.

Below you find three short (3 min) trailers showing examples of our work.