Unique to MVI’s approach is its mental health and social resilience development aim of providing personal and social tools for dealing with the stresses people face in modern life. MVI’s employes the power of mixed media formats with their extensive reach, ability to garner attention and increasingly, its global accessibility, to make a difference in the mental and social life of people.

MVI adds to traditional media approaches scientifically informed and culturally sensitive information and entertainment in co-creation with local populations.  This are aimed at engaging and providing the skills and social engagement to restore individual resilience, enhance global mental health and facilitate local cultural and economic growth.

MVI’s key approach is to co-create media interventions in order to reach people through highly engaging storytelling, entertaining and educational content. We aim to provide the opportunity, space and time, for people to talk to each other and to encourage the conversation to take place socially and through the media where appropriate.

At the center of this process is a mix of three generic approaches and expertise: ethnographic (historical and sociocultural context, psychological and public mental health evaluation and scientific, and media production experience and research.  Following this MVI organizes its aims and work with its partners within a tripartite structure of Media Production, Research, Education, Consultation and Infra-Care; public mental health infrastructure development :